Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fear Not

Oh I feel so inspired right now! As I check my email this a.m. I open an email screaming FEAR NOT!!! As a child of the most high we are taught and given examples of how to over come fear. Often we allow fear to paralyze our efforts and we never reach our full potential. Then we worry and get flustered over situations we feel we can’t change and take desperate measures to make the situation worse. 
Be encouraged and Fear Not! On yesterday I played a game of half court basketball with some high school girls. It was hilarious on both ends because we surprised each other. The teenagers though they were going to annihilate us 20 & 30+ yrs old women. I learned that once you have mastered a skill it’s with you and available when you need it. Once I started playing, the 1st jump shot I took was nothing but nets, I also made a few lay ups, my dribbling skills are still amazing and my defense remains rock solid. Needless to say my confidence was high and I felt like Thank Ya Lord I Still Got It. 
When we play again today I Will Fear Not! As I continue on my journey as a Thirty-One Consultant, I Will Fear Not! As I complete my PhD. I Will Fear Not! As I continue to Live 4 The Lord, I Will Fear Not!

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